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We help businesses to understand customer buying behaviour to grow traffic and sales

Pectel Xyz is a best seo company, founded by Himmat Singh Rathore and best at utilization of its knowledges and knowledge comes from handling problems.

Our seo experts love business SEO problems and if you think, your business SEO is a headache then bear us in your mind, we will handle website SEO to get your business goals properly.

We assign SEO expert who is almost familiar with every business structure and clients and we thanks to our past SEO of business because our team learned this and so much to run smoothly and on-time.

We also give special thanks to our efficient SEO strategies built for businesses to improve customer relation which increase your brand image in online.

We worked in offline market many years and communicated with lot of different types of customers which helped us to understand customer buying behaviour and we will use this knowledge to build good relation with your clients to improve trust for your business online.

Our services are Local SEO Management, National SEO Management, International SEO Management

Our other services are Social Media Marketing Management, Brand & Product Promotion, Brand Reputation Mangament, PPC Managment, E-Commerce Website Developement & Management, Youtube Video Marketing Management.

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Why SEO is so Important For Businesses?

If you believe in competition then you should also believe in SEO because without successful SEO, your business can miss lot of sales.

Competition is growing as like population, so without SEO, you can not sustain your business in the market.

Mostly companies are investing in SEO to capture online market and if you are not investing then you are far behind from them.

SEO give lot of ideas about customers and SEO can be best tool to understand future customers.

Why Choose Pectel Xyz As Your Jaipur SEO Company

15+ Years Experience

We are doing SEO since 2007 when there people were not much aware about internet in jaipur, so we have lot of struggle, experience about SEO and we know that how SEO was working before and how it is working now.

We gather all informations related your business goals.

Lot of struggle taught us about importance of business and customers, so we listen everything about your goals.

During our struggle, we also learned lot of about business goals, postive return on investment.

We know that top ranking can be achievable through trust, so we always follow white-hat.

Himmat Singh Rathore had been the part of many offline marketing & sales teams of many reputated businesses in India and offline marketing taught most of things about customers behaviour and customers behaviour is most important in SEO.

Our SEO Process

Off-Page Optimization
It is well appreciated by Google and is no doubt a working SEO strategy in 2022. Experts believe that guest posting on other popular blogs is almost five times as valuable as writing fresh content on your own blog. This provides a great backlink to your blog that ultimately enhances your search results on any search engine quickly and increases your blog relevant traffic.
On-Page Optimization
In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers to many easy to control factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are controlled by you or by your web developer on your page. We make sure your website has everything it needs to be present on all search engines.
Social Media Marketing
It has been seen that great very number of individuals and “hungry consumers” stay logged in to their social media accounts in mobiles for finding what they are searching for. They get in contacts with their friends, relatives and discuss about their needs before they plan to buy a final product. And this all comes as an special opportunity for big as well as smaller companies.
Content Writing
Our content writing professional team is passionate about their work and believes in delivering the best to their clients. This is the reason why our clients return to us for getting their articles and blogs written (preferably by our team). Our team is experienced and backed up with the latest knowledge about what is working and what's not.
How to know that you need a SEO Company or not?

There are few points to help you in this decision, 1st point :- If there are very low competition in your business then you do not need any SEO Company because your website can be ranked in top without any much efforts.

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How to know that there is very low competition online for your business?

You can know easily by searching your business keywords on Google and if you find few businesses, offering same services then there is low competition.

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How to choose SEO Company for best results?

If a company can deliever a project on time sucessfully on pre-agreed cost then you should choose it and you should ask them seo portfolio, read reviews, ask to old clients about them and it involves lot of research.

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Type of frauds in SEO?

If a company is not delivering any SEO positive result then it is type of a fraud because you are paying money for results but you got nothing out of it.

If a company is only building links to rank you website then it is also a fraud because SEO is a technical terms and lot of good research and practices involve in the process of a successful SEO campaign.

If a company provide someone else SEO portfolio to you then it is a fraud and you should verify portfolio first to hire a company.

If a company is asking money for GMB listing then it is a definately a fraud company and you should stay away from it because GMB listing is a free service by Google and even you can create your listing easily without paying anything.

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Should I choose costly plan for achieve top rank in Google Rank?

Cost do not give any guarantee of successful SEO campaign, so do not fool yourself.

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How to calculate SEO campaign cost?

You can calculate cost by total cost into hourly rate. for example :- a seo company told you 15,000 monthly cost for 6 months then formula is 15000(monthly cost)*6(months)/24(hour)*6(months)*30(days)*2 = 20.83 INR*6(months) = 124.98 INR Per Hour

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Plot No. 218, Chand Bihari Nagar, Khatipura, Jaipur, Rajasthan -302012

+91 - 8619079677

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